Award Nominated Everton Park Kitchen

This Everton Park kitchen is in the ‘forever home’ of a young family of four who engaged KBK Kitchens to help them to personalise their home with a bright, functional kitchen that they could enjoy working in as a family.

Designer Ebony worked around some challenges in the space such as a central supporting post and a large bulkhead, neither of which could be altered or moved. Both elements have been incorporated seamlessly into the new kitchen design. A mix of colours and finishes add dimension, elevate the bespoke feel of the kitchen and create a calming and inviting environment.

The VJ paneling is painted in a custom selected green colour to tie the space in with the surrounding leafy environment. A multi-function combined pantry and appliance cabinet is discretely concealed behind pocket doors next to the fridge. Internal lighting and shaped shelves ensure the families cooking and baking ingredients are always close to hand and easy to find.

A fingerprint resistant finish ensures cabinetry in the more child accessible areas remains fresh looking and easy to clean. Learn more about the design process behind this award-nominated kitchen and hear from the designer herself in our video feature and blog post.

This KBK Kitchens project was nominated as a FINALIST in the Queensland Large Kitchen Category of the 2022 KBDi Designer Awards.