Gordon Park Green

Traditional decorative elements and tastefully selected materials forge to create a charming and nostalgic kitchen design in this 1929 Queenslander cottage.

The main focus for the design of the kitchen was to increase functionality and workflow while retaining the existing footprint.

A dedicated space to both store and use small appliances is concealed behind cabinetry doors that cleverly fold away when the area is in use.

The custom cabinetry colour was colour matched to a treasured ornament in the clients home creating a soft yet distinctive colour scheme. The black and charcoal accents and silky oak shelving tie in with features throughout the rest of the home.

This kitchen design earned our designer Anne Ellard, a spot in the final of KBDI’s 2019 Designer Awards.

The KBDi Designer Awards is a highly regarded national event which recognises the professionalism and talent of Australian kitchen and bathroom designers.