How To Create More Kitchen Bench Space

Make the most of your bench space by focusing on smart storage solutions that keep clutter off your counters. We’re counting down the top 5 ways in this post…


#1 Herbs and Spices
Ditch the spice rack that would otherwise sit on your counter and opt for an ultra-organised shallow draw. The perfect location is placed underneath the stovetop for convenience while cooking and to increase the functionality of your kitchen.

#2 Hanging Shelves
This organisational method not only keeps things off the counter but provides additional storage for those items you want easily accessible. Cups, plates and mugs are all on hand when it comes to serving up or measuring cups are never far away while you’re in the middle of cooking.

#3 Rubbish and Recycling
Never again have the end of your kitchen bench filled with empty milk bottles or tins. We often incorporate integrated bins into our designs because of how oh-so practical they are! With so many options available, there is a bin solution for every kitchen design based on how you utilise your space. We use only the best, exclusively partnering with industry leaders ‘Blum’.

#4 Trays and Chopping Boards
Do you find yourself hardly using the above the fridge cupboard? This is the perfect way to utilise an otherwise neglected space in the kitchen and sort out all of those loose trays and cutting boards that might otherwise sit on the counters.

#5 Cleaning Supplies
Underneath the sink can too often be another space that isn’t best utilised in the kitchen. We work on each design with functionality in mind and pair with Blum organisational inserts. Every space is deliberately designed to increase functionality so that what you need is always right there for you.

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