Morningside Modern Colonial Kitchen

The brief for the kitchen renovation in this authentic colonial home in Brisbane’s south-east suburb of Morningside was to create a space that felt upmarket and modern, while still honoring the age and integrity of the home. The young family of four lead a busy lifestyle and challenged our designer Anne with a huge wish list to incorporate into the deceptively small kitchen space.

While the overall footprint of the kitchen was kept in the same position the functionality, flow and storage space was dramatically improved with the new design. Two sets of pocket doors open and conceal to reveal two separate coffee and appliance stations. When closed these doors conceal all small appliances along with two coffee machines and a microwave, ensuring the space feels uncluttered. Everything in this kitchen has a purpose designed home, including the client’s collection of neatly arranged spice containers.

The addition of open shelves on either side of the window allow light to flow through to the work areas and gives the homeowners somewhere to add some personal touches and pops of subtle colour to the space.

While the dark charcoal colour on the island was a bold choice in this small space it contrasts beautifully against the crisp white cabinetry surrounding it and creates a stunning centerpiece that draws the eye into the kitchen from the neighboring living and dining area.