2018 Kitchen Design Trends

A new year of kitchen trends is upon us! Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or building your dream home, it’s crucial to know what’s new, what’s back for another season and which timeless classics are here to stay. 2017 touched on the classic black and white combination, bold fixtures, quartz countertops and copper accents. However, 2018 trends will set us a little further out of the box, giving our kitchens more character than ever. Think dramatic colours, optimised space and seeking inspiration from other areas of your home!

Two-Tone Colours

Top designers have made a mark by incorporating two-tones in their kitchen makeovers. Combining the classics is a safe option, however current trends call for combining warm natural selections like clay, copper and gold. Or, take it a step further by pairing contrasting textures like tile and wood.


Modern, minimalist style kitchens can mix smokey tones and greys.

Want to touch on the trend but don’t want to commit to splitting colour throughout the whole kitchen? Give colour impact by incorporating two-toned custom cabinets.


Eclectic Kitchens

It’s time to put down the design magazine and take a stroll through the rest of the house in search of inspiration. There’s constant talk of adding practicality to the kitchen and creating a more organised space, however this season highlights the simple pleasures that’ll add character or a sense of uniqueness to your kitchen.


Think outside the box and incorporate fairy lights, hanging greenery, coat hooks for aprons and jars for storing utensils. Love nothing more than a morning cycle followed by an espresso? Try restoring a vintage bike, or decorating it with shrubbery and hanging it as a decorative piece in your kitchen. Giving a modern, high-tech kitchen a splash of personality will restore a cosy vibe to your home.



As mentioned, organisation is always on the forefront. Your kitchen remodel can include some simple storage items that until now, have been a stranger in the kitchen. Open shelving in the form of bookshelves and floating shelves are making their way into our kitchens. It’s an inexpensive way to clear the clutter, and can even double as a decorative tool. Display cookbooks, crockery, herbs, spices or jars of dry foods if you live a zero-waste lifestyle.

Zero Waste Kitchen



The re-birth of marble will continue into 2018, as it makes its way back onto our countertops. This season sees bold colours with striking streaks, including darker greens and brown hues. We love marble not only for its impeccable appearance, but for its strength and durability. It’s the perfect choice for busy kitchens that want to remain on trend for years to come.

kitchen renovation stafford


All-black Everything

Dare to be a little dramatic? Matte black is a stand out this season, and can tie in perfectly with darker shades of marble. Opt for dark steel appliances to make a serious statement. Or, create rustic charm by pairing black marble and warm oak, or robust dark materials with warm wooden structures. Fresh green accents and brass tapware will liven up a contemporary space.

Black kitchen


Under-Counter Appliances

New kitchen designs are consistently boasting smart storage and new ways to free up bench space. Upper cabinets are gradually disappearing, our appliances are seeking shelter and walls are opening up to create space, rather than simply giving the illusion. Appliance storage will shift to underneath counters, and new appliances will adapt to this trend for added convenience.

This idea can tie into your kitchen through modern island designs, and can even include camouflaged dishwashers. Appliance garages are also an innovative way to reduce counter clutter and house appliances whilst maintaining accessibility.
Take on the trends of 2018 and design your dream kitchen! Share your ideas and inspiration with the Brisbane team at Kitchens by Kathie, and bring your visions to life.

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