3 Kitchen Organisation Tips

Organise Your Space

You are cooking dinner; all at the same time you’re trying to discuss something with your partner and the kids are simultaneously asking when the food will be ready. Sound familiar? The last thing you need is to spend 10 minutes trying to find something and can’t for the life of you remember where it is.

Imagine knowing the location of everything within your kitchen and always being able to reach for something with ease. With a bit of organising and persistence, you can make your kitchen a sanctuary and increase your productivity while cooking.

In this post we are delivering 3 kitchen storage hacks that keep your space organised for stress free cooking.

Clear Cupboard Storage
See everything at a glance
Consistent and clear cupboard storage isn’t just for the aesthetic appeal or how neat it makes your cupboard look. The real benefit is knowing exactly where all your ingredients are because you can see the contents of your kitchen cupboard at a glance. The various shapes and colours of packaging can be clutter to the eye and make finding ingredients seem overwhelming when you are in a rush. Ever stand in your kitchen cupboard trying to find the pine nuts for what seems like eternity and they end up being right in front of you? The key is to organise ingredients into sections so you know exactly where to head to find something. Once approaching the category of items, everything is in clear storage and you can see exactly what you’re working with.

Clever Solutions
Work within the space you have.
Work with each of the items in your kitchen to find perfect individual storage solutions. It’s all about the little ways you organise the sections in your kitchen that make working within it a dream.

Here are some problems and solutions to common item storage dilemmas.

  • Have a drawer full of wire racks, muffin trays and baking sheets?

Store them upright and categorise them (see above picture for reference).

  • Feel like goldilocks never being able to find the size pot you are looking for – “Too small. Nope too big”?

Stack all of your pots inside each other and have a designated drawer for them all.

  • Soft drink cans rolling around the bottom of your cupboard?

Use an acrylic soft drink can holder to keep them all secured in the one place and easy to grab.

  • Can never find the aluminium foil or glad wrap?

Use a magazine holder to store them upright so they are always in the same place or invest in a Blum Orga-Line dispenser drawer insert.

Open Shelves
Keep items within reach
Keep all of the items you use regularly in sight and within reach using open shelves as a storage solution. Above is an example used in our ‘Classic Hamptons Style in Clontarf’ project. This cleverly designed walk-in pantry located just off the kitchen boasts ample storage utilising open shelves.

We are able to custom design your shelving to your precise specifications so that the width and depth of each shelf best suits your storage needs. Crafting a kitchen that perfectly matches the way you use your space is the best way of creating harmony in your kitchen keeping all items organised.


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