3 Different Colour Styles For The Kitchen

Ways to Incorporate Colour into Your Renovation

When renovating your kitchen it can be tempting to go the safe route and choose a neutral colour scheme – but where is the fun in that?

While we adore classic white kitchens that work as a blank canvas against any décor aesthetic, some of our favourite kitchen designs feature just a pop of colour.  A varied palette has the ability to add even a subtle tone of colour into your kitchen design. The kitchen renovation process can be made much more exciting when incorporating colour as you can apply some of your personality and add an interest point with your unique design.

We understand a colourful kitchen isn’t for everyone but we hope that by running through the plethora of options available, you will be able to consider how colour might work for you and your project.

In this post, we are discussing the myriad of ways you can incorporate colour into your kitchen or bathroom renovations. You have the option to go all out and make it a feature colour of your home or very selectively include small elements for a subtle yet sophisticated finish.

Go Green
We are enthralled by this recently completed KBK renovation! Our clients made it clear from the outset that they wanted COLOUR and they definitely hit the mark with this uniquely mixed pastel green cabinetry. We used a piece of décor from the original kitchen, a bird statue, that was brought into the showroom during the initial consultation to colour match. Below showcases a feature wall which is another way in which you can bring the hue into your kitchen.

Shades of Cool
When you can’t decide between multiple gorgeous shades of blue, the answer is simple; choose them both. That is exactly what we did in this Highgate Hill renovation that incorporated turquoise and royal blue throughout their home. When it came to the kitchen and outdoor barbeque area, a luxurious royal blue was the perfect stand out colour. The balance of elegance and depth that this shade brings to the design is unmatched. The hue was paired with an opulent turquoise which was featured throughout the vanities of the home.

One of the more popularly preferred colours in recent years has been navy and after withstanding the initial influx of implementing the hue, the trend looks like it is here to stay. This kitchen from Clontarf balances clean white cabinetry with a pop of colour from the navy kitchen island. In the same project, we brought the navy hue throughout the house with its use in the bathroom vanities.

Nordic Yellow
For a fresh and uplifting approach to incorporating colour, Nordic designs tend to favour bright yellows. You can incorporate this hue into your glossy backsplash, or mix your own specialised version of yellow to be applied to your 2-Pac cabinetry. This example incorporates a glossy lemon coloured laminate into overhead cabinetry.


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