Use Of Timber Elements in Kitchen Renovation

Incorporating Timber Elements into Your Kitchen Renovation

Timber Elements

When we think timber in kitchens our minds might flash to old cottage style homes from the 80s where all-timber cabinetry was at its peak in popularity. We have come a long way with incorporating timber elements into modern kitchen designs and very often see traditional elements from this classic design combined in a contemporary kitchen renovation.

In this article, we are going to be exploring some recent Kitchens by Kathie renovations that show ways you can seamlessly balance old with new by incorporating timber design elements into your renovation.

Hanging Shelves
Incorporating shelves into your kitchen renovation not only practical but also allows room for creativity with design elements. The additional space in your kitchen increases functionality and gives additional opportunity to tie in underlying themes of your kitchen, such as timber elements. Above is an example of a Gordon Park renovation where the use of wood for hanging shelves and surrounding accents was the perfect tie-in of the beautiful hardwood floors on the home. The below Teneriffe example was a particularly good use of hanging shelves due to the increased use of space in a small kitchen and a compliment to the closeby wooden staircase.

A stand out feature in any kitchen is definitely the benchtop and the choices you make regarding this focal point of the room can impact the overall aesthetic of the renovation. If you are looking to commit to the timber look in your kitchen, a solid wood benchtop is a great way to make a statement. Above displays an example of a beautiful Kedron home who opted for a timber benchtop as a gathering point for their young family. Below is an example of a much smaller kitchen space that uses a wooden benchtop in conjunction with wooden hanging shelves to seamlessly incorporate timber throughout the renovation.

Timber-look Laminate
Choosing a laminate with a timber appearance is a great way of achieving the same aesthetic but at a lower cost because you are avoiding the use of real timber. You are met with a large range of colour options and texture variations to achieve the exact finish you have in mind. Above is an example from one of our kitchens in our Windsor showroom that uses a brand ‘LikeWood’ to achieve warm oak appearance cabinetry. Laminex, Formica and Polytec also each have their own ranges of timber-look laminate. Below displays a Fig Tree Pocket renovation that we recently completed with Laminate while still keeping within the timber aesthetic.

Open Shelves
Open shelves are great for items you would like to be easily accessible within your kitchen. They can also be turned into focal points where you can inject some of your personality into the design. This Kedron home shows two examples of how you can subtly add timber into open shelves to bring warmth into the kitchen.

If an entirely timber-look kitchen is a little too much for you to commit to, you can add very subtle accents of wood throughout the kitchen that work as small features that compliment your other chosen aesthetics. This Upper Mt. Gravatt home opted for a wooden frame for their concrete benchtop and finished the look with timber hanging shelves.

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