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5 Common Contemporary Kitchen Design Elements

5 Common Contemporary Kitchen Design Elements

Modern and contemporary kitchens feature exciting design elements that make this important space feel like home. At Kitchens by Kathie, we love incorporating these elements into modern custom kitchens in Brisbane. Here are a few of the most popular additions to kitchen design to keep in mind for your dream kitchen project.

1. Wooden Shelves

Wood is in! Many people are opting for wooden shelves that contrast nicely with the walls and benchtops. Wood is durable, long-lasting, and incredibly versatile with a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from. White oak, light beige, maple, and red oak are a few of the top choices when it comes to timber elements for a beautiful family kitchen.

Don’t forget you can also match the wooden shelving to furniture and handrails for a cohesive design that ties the space together.

2. House Plants

Bring a pop of green inside with healthy house plants. A bit of colour goes a long way in completing a kitchen refresh or renovation, combining outdoor elements with a warm and welcoming indoor space. You can put small potted house plants on the benchtop, table or shelving, or add a few hooks to hang gorgeous vines and native Australian plants.

Fiddle Leaf Fig, Mother In Law’s Tongue, and String of Pearls are a few of the most popular indoor house plants to consider for your kitchen.

3. Hanging Appliances

House plants aren’t the only thing that can hang in a modern kitchen. Hanging appliances and accessories are another option, such as a stylish exposed rangehood and center lighting. In a modern kitchen where ease and efficiency should take centre stage, you can also add hanging racks for kitchen utensils.

Your kitchen designer can help with these finishing touches next to appliances, inside cabinets, or within a beautiful butler’s pantry.

4. Open Shelving

Don’t shy away from open shelving. A few open shelves at staggered heights throughout the kitchen adds depth and dimension to the overall design. You can let a few statement pieces shine, whether it’s a handcrafted China dish that’s been in the family for ages or a sweet photograph of your loved ones.

The great thing about open shelving is that it gives you the opportunity to store and display at the same time. Incorporate meaningful design touches and keep your kitchen organised with smart shelving.

5. Custom Cabinets

The best kitchen designer in Brisbane can give you the custom cabinets of your dreams. Kitchens by Kathie offers the full package, including customisation and installation. You can bring your own design inspiration or start from scratch with an expert kitchen designer who offers great contemporary suggestions with stylish colours and finishes. Our experienced cabinet makers will design built-in or freestanding kitchen cabinets to make the most of the space and ensure a luxurious and functional kitchen.

Want to explore more contemporary kitchen design elements for your project? Contact Kitchens by Kathie today on 07 3171 8286 to discuss the best modern kitchen design for your Brisbane home.

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