Decorating With Marble Designs

We have seen many design trends come and go over the past 40 years here at Kitchens by Kathie, however our love affair with all things marble shows no signs of burning out.

We see the current popularity of marble, and marble designs, as a celebration of a timeless classic. Marble has been adorning surfaces in interiors for thousands of years. Once reserved for churches, palaces and plush hotels, this natural material is now much more affordable and readily available.

Marble Benchtops

For those craving marble benchtops, white marble with grey veining such as carrara and calacutta marbles are the most popular choice among homeowners of late. Their neutral colourings works well will almost any colour palette making them easily adaptable to any style of home.

Marble benchtops need to be handled with care to maintain their natural beauty. If you fancy the look of marble but are keen for something a bit more robust then look no further than Caesarstones range of marble design engineered stone. We are particularly in love one of their latest releases, Statuario Nuvo, which boasts a beautiful natural looking vein. You can view this marble design bench top on display at our showroom.

Marble benchtop

Image Source: Caesarstone

Decorating with Marble

Decorating with marble has typically been associated with traditional, ornately styled homes in the past, however it is now also being embraced in contemporary style interiors the world over. Pairing a beautiful honed finish marble kitchen bench with high gloss contemporary style cabinets is a crisp and clean look that works great in most homes.

Marble Kitchen Benchtop

Image Source: Kitchens by Kathie

The design team here at Kitchen by Kathie really love darker marbles such as pieta grey and grigio carnico too. These truly elegant and sophisticated colours create a real wow factor in any area of the home. And if you love the pastel colours that are creating a stir in home decor at the moment then you will love how they look against dark marble.

Pietra Grey Marble flooring

Image Source: Granitifiandre

For a slightly rustic modern look we love to combine smooth marble kitchen benchtops with earthy colours and other natural elements such as textured wood. Natural wood adds a warmth that counteracts the coldness of hard stone. Similarly combining marble with warm coloured metals such as brass and copper and our personal favourite, rose gold, creates a homely feeling that is bang on trend right now.

Marble and Rose gold Tableware

Image Source: Salt and Pepper

Hints of Marble

If you really want to bring some marble into your home but you’re not ready to commit to marble benchtops or a marble tiled bathroom then check out some of the home decor items such as marble (and faux marble) chopping boards, vases, place mats and canisters that are popping up in stores everything. They can be easily mixed up if you fancy a change.

Marble and Wood Tableware

Image Source: Kmart 

Designer Tip: If you have an old coffee table thats looking a bit tired then maybe consider replacing the top with a piece of marble. Our designer Anne rescued the base of an original Bentwood coffee table from Gumtree and with the addition of a new marble top its now enjoying a new lease of life.

The trend for this natural beauty has been growing steadily and shows no sign of slowing down. And rightly so. Marble is sophisticated, timeless and oozes understated opulence. Make an appointment to see one of our designers today to discuss how you can incorporate marble into your next kitchen or bathroom project.

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