Your Finger Prints Are All Over This

Traceless Laminate

Your fingerprints are all over your cabinetry and kitchen benches but we have the solution. Introducing the latest addition to our series of high-end materials on offer – traceless laminate.

You’ve heard of traceless appliances but why stop there? The latest innovation is in fingerprint-less materials for your cabinetry and is a revolutionary surface that can be touched without leaving any traces.

A special coating process permanently protects the surface from marks, making it much easier to keep clean. Special lacquers are used to reduce the material’s thermal conductivity so as to prevent visible condensation from forming on the surface. Developed specifically for this purpose, “Traceless” benefits from a microstructure that makes marks almost invisible*.

Some ranges on the market include WilsonArt Traceless, Laminex Absolute Matte, CleanTouch and Polytec Venette. However, not all products are made equal so reach out to the team to discuss options and about how you can incorporate this latest innovation into your renovation.

It’s an extra matte finish available in a variety of colours to suit the desired aesthetic of your kitchen, bathroom, study or any other project. The perfect option for a contemporary black kitchen or handleless push-to-open cabinetry without leaving a mark.

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