Outdoor Kitchen With Blue Colour

Designing Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Tips To Achieve Your Outdoor Kitchen

Our hot summer days and almost year-long warm nights here in Brisbane make outdoor kitchens the perfect way to bring entertaining through to your backyard. When it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen, the goal in mind is usually to evolve the yard into an extension of the homes living space, and this is achieved through a series of ways.

Focus on the Layout
A great kitchen is all about identifying the ways you use your space and working on a thoughtful design to increase functionality. This way no section of your kitchen is wasted and what you need is always right there for your convenience. There is nothing more vital than you prioritising what elements are essential to the design and choosing exactly how to utilise the layout you are working within.

That’s why we open up the option for you to decide precisely how you want your kitchen to be – from the brand of laminate to colour and texture – you can choose every detail. You have a plethora of options to choose from so you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for. You are the best person to know what kind of kitchen you want for your home and with Kitchens by Kathie you have the power to create a custom-built solution perfectly tailored to you.

Think About Purpose
When it comes to designing your dream outdoor kitchen, it can be fun to imagine all the fun activities you might host within the space. It’s also an essential part of the design process to consider the multitude of uses you might need the space to allow for with your plans. If you think you might like to host dinner parties in your outdoor kitchen, you might need to look at ways you can incorporate an outdoor table into the layout. Or if hosting the boy’s football night is of a top priority then it is wise to consider where a television might be best positioned.

If you want to use your outdoor kitchen all year long, then a heater might be an essential addition. There are so many options when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen that it quickly becomes about identifying the purpose of the space and catering to these needs first.

Consider Location
Do you need the cooktop located nearby a fridge? Will you have a refrigerator as part of your outdoor kitchen or need to place the layout closeby to your existing kitchen? There are so many considerations when it comes to determining your ultimate outdoor kitchen location, but most plans will mean kitchens are situated near the main house. Ensuring adequate power or gas supplies is also crucial to consider.

Of course, here at Kitchens by Kathie our designers take the time to discuss your renovation needs. During your first consultation, we will thoroughly consider all options to decide on the best solution for you. Throughout the renovation process, your project designer is a very handy resource to have on side as they will talk through all possibilities to ensure the best design is employed.

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