5 Space Savers for Your Kitchen

5 Space Savers for Your Kitchen

Clutter Free Kitchen Top

I think we can all agree that having a kitchen bench top clear of clutter is a great feeling! What if we told you it could be like that all the time? In this article we are sharing 5 space savers for your kitchen to keep appliances off the bench top and away behind closed doors.

Pop up electricity outlets
Traditional wall power sockets can look unsightly in an otherwise stunning kitchen design. With fully-integrated power socket systems, you can seamlessly blend your electricity access into your bench top. Point Pod even allows for your stone bench top cut out to be placed on top of the device for ultimate integration.

Hanging shelves
Hanging shelves are a great way of avoiding extra clutter on your bench tops as they provide extra storage and increase the overall functionality of your kitchen. This design element is extremely versatile and can flexibly fit into any kitchen layout. Whether you need some shelves nearby your stove for easy access to spices or somewhere to put your mugs above your coffee machine, hanging shelves are a great space saving solution. Intended to help keep your surfaces clear, hanging shelves prevent all the clutter that would otherwise sit on your bench top.

Cabinetry solutions
Make your kitchen cabinetry work for you and increase the functionality of your kitchen based on how you use your space. With a custom-made solution you are able to control every height and depth of your drawers and cupboards. This means that you can consciously create spaces that best suit your needs. The options are endless when it comes to using cabinetry to perfectly compliment your kitchen and it just takes a bit of creativity to finalise a practical design.

Island bench tops
Island bench tops are a fantastic way of opening up your kitchen and creating additional storage space to keep; appliances, tableware and pots or pans. If this solution is not a possibility with your current layout, consider a kitchen cart to increase meal preparation space.

Ask a kitchen designer
When it comes to increasing functionality and creating an optimal kitchen layout, you really can not go past the advice of professionals. Our highly skilled and experienced design team are able to provide professional advice on how best to approach your renovation.

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