Q&A With Our Designer – Jane

Welcome back to our Q&A series. In this article we are giving you access inside the mind of another one of our very own designers – Jane. 

Jane graduated from CPIT in New Zealand with a diploma in Interior Design and Decor in 2003. Her love for Interior Design grew after working for a number of years in Soft Furnishing and Colour Consulting before returning to her hometown Brisbane in 2007 to begin her extensive career in Kitchens where she found her true calling and passion. Jane’s open and welcome personality makes her a perfect fit for Kitchens by Kathie along with her experienced background in custom made cabinetry. She has the ability to adapt to each clients style to create a space that is uniquely individual.


Let’s get into the questions…

How would you describe your own style? How does this reflect in your kitchen at home?

I would describe my personal style as Minimalistic with a hint of Industrialism. I do like things tidy and organised so everything has its place which is quite hard sometimes with a young child at home!

We are planning on renovating our kitchen next year. The new Kitchen will be White Matt Handleless with a Soft Grey Benchtop to contrast with our dark flooring. There will be some Industrial elements with some timber incorporated. It is hard being a designer sometimes as my ideas constantly change when it comes to renovating my own space!

Our Kitchen is a Galley Style currently which we love.


What kitchen trend has been catching your eye most?

The Elements of Burnished Brass / Soft Gold that we are seeing coming through at the moment. We have a Kitchen in the showroom with a soft gold /brass frame which is really eye catching. We are finding many handle companies are bringing out this look in their new collections.


Tell us about one of your favourite designs that you have worked on.

I have started working on a design which is very minimalist with streamlined Handleless Tall Cabinetry with Integrated Appliances and a cantilevered Timber Benchtop. It will look absolutely stunning once completed and will service the clients large family perfectly.


What should clients keep in mind when working with a kitchen designer?

To have an open mind, think about what elements work well in your current kitchen and what elements fail to function so well. Really be guided by your designer, it is our job to steer you in the right direction and work with you to put together a design that you will fall in love with that is individually tailored to your unique style.

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