Butler’s Pantries With Multiple Food Items

The Ultimate Guide to Butler’s Pantries

With their ability to keep all the disorderly parts of a kitchen behind doors, it is no wonder that butler’s pantries are becoming increasingly sought after. Incorporating this additional element into kitchen design adds a secondary space within your area that increases functionality and provides additional storage. This hidden room within the kitchen layout affords you an area to prepare food, stow away dirty dishes or keep your myriad of appliances out of eyesight. A butler’s pantry is an entertainer’s dream – making it possible for your kitchen to still look spotless even in the throes of a dinner party.

In this article, we are guiding you through the fundamentals of butler’s pantries and elements to consider when designing one of your own.

Location, Location, Location
When it comes to planning out your butler’s pantry, finding the right spot is critical. You will need a location that provides enough room so that you are not constricted in the space. It is also important that the location works with the natural flow of your kitchen, placing it in an area that is convenient and easily accessible.

When considering the layout of your butler’s pantry it is helpful to write a list of ways you would like to use the space, in order of priority. If your main concern is keeping dirty dishes out of sight and mind, then incorporating your dishwasher and a large sink into this space might be of importance to you. If you are an appliance aficionado then you may want to design cupboards to store away each of these devices, in a way that ensures they are still accessible and useable from where they are.

Prioritise Pantry
While it can be easy to get caught up with the multi-purpose uses of the space, it is important to remember that this is a pantry space after all. Ensure that your butler’s pantry design adequately leaves space for storage of food items. Adding detail to this component and giving thought to how you access your ingredients of all sorts will cut down on your future food prep and cooking time for years to come. Your butler’s pantry should feature a generous walk-in space to seamlessly locate and easily access all your food items.

Be Practical
When dreaming up your kitchen layout, practicality is always a necessary component to any design and the same goes for a butler’s pantry. It might be the necessity of ventilation, in the form a window, due to having a dishwasher located in the area that creates condensation. It might be the addition of an air-vent to ensure that proper circulation of ducted air-conditioning always keeps your food fresh (or at the very least prevents you from sweating while making your morning coffee). Another consideration might be if you plan on placing one of your main working elements in the area – such as a microwave or fridge. If that is the case, ensure that these items are designed easily within walking distance to increase the functionality of your kitchen.


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