Q&A With Our Designer – Ebony


Welcome to the first installment of our Q&A series. In this article we are giving you access inside the mind of our very own designer – Ebony. 

With 8 years experience in the kitchen industry both in Europe and Australia Ebony has an eye for detail and loves working closely with her clients to create functional and beautiful kitchens. In this Ebony discusses her own personal style, kitchen trends catching her eye and much more. 


Let’s get into the questions…

How would you describe your own style? How does this reflect in your kitchen at home?
I would say that my style is rather eclectic, but I do like clean lines and minimal clutter. So at home, I keep my kitchen tidy and organized, hiding as much as possible in large drawers and labelled containers in my pantry. As we are currently renting, the colour and style of the kitchen was a given but I have managed to personalize it by changing the handles and adding colour and texture through a wall-hung wall map and lush leafy hanging plants.


Do you have some household items that you couldn’t live without?
I go through these phases where I love cooking, so I wouldn’t be able to live without my cookbooks and collection of recipes from my Greek “yiayia”. Recipes exist for a good reason: someone has put those ingredients together before and it tasted good…and improvising in the kitchen hasn’t really worked for me (it’s been proven).


What kitchen trend has been catching your eye most? 
Introducing timber features into a kitchen is definitely one of my favourite trends, which is actually pretty time-less I would say. Timber handles, floating shelves, lighting fixtures are details which can make your space feel warm and welcoming.


What should clients keep in mind when working with an interior designer?
Before you meet with your designer, gathering some inspirational pictures is always very helpful for them to shape an accurate idea of what you are after so they can make relevant suggestions. Clearly communicate your “likes” and “dislikes” with them. Their expertise and experience will make it a pleasant process so let them guide you through it.


Thank you Ebony for the wonderful advice and insight into kitchen design! You can book a Kitchens by Kathie consultation with Ebony by calling (07) 3357 2028 or emailing hello@kitchensbykathie.com.au





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