Small kitchen design ideas

There’s a common misconception that your kitchen needs to be large and elaborate for it to serve its full purpose. The truth is, with the right design techniques and a smart approach towards storage and space, your kitchen, regardless of its size, can look incredible and flow as smoothly as a Michelin star restaurant.

We’ve got the latest design ideas to give your small kitchen a big name, and prove that size really doesn’t matter.

Small Kitchen Tips

There are several design guidelines to follow when figuring out how to make the best use of your space. Some tips to remember before you start include:

·         Use modern, compact style appliances

·         Do your layout homework and decide which style will be the most functional for your space

·         Keep everything to scale by downsizing accessories and fixtures

·         If you need some extra guidance, don’t be afraid to collaborate with a professional designer


Space saving & storage

A small kitchen can be comfortable and clutter free with the inclusion of smart storage.

The working area is of upmost importance, and is often sacrificed in smaller kitchens. Keep your benchtops clutter free by placing most items (aside from the ones that are often in use) in cupboards. If you’re really strapped for surface space, try placing a glass cover over the sink that can double as prep space.

kedron family kitchen

When clearing the clutter, where does everything go?

You can maximise storage space by installing tall wall units or overhead cabinets. Hang pots and utensils from exposed hooks, and try choosing stainless steel or copper colours for a unified, modern look. By doing this, you’ll create cupboard space for other items you’d rather not display. If you’re renovating or building, be sure to make use of magic corners in your cabinets to ensure every inch of space can be utilised.

Open shelving is also a great alternative to cabinets and can be used to display crockery, spices and cookbooks.


Keep it simple

Kitchen designs for small spaces need to be realistic. While we endeavour to create the illusion of space, there’s only so much the kitchen can store before it becomes inevitably cluttered.

Keeping the design, décor and furniture consistent throughout the whole kitchen will make the space appear larger. Tick off the practicality boxes first, and consider decorative items if you’ve still got space. Hone in on what appliances and utensils you really use, and what you can go without for the time being.


Consider hide-away storage and lift up doors to conceal appliances. This modern take on storage creates a sleek look and boosts functionality.

Make it light

Pale coloured walls and cabinets are your friends in small spaces! Light colours aren’t as dramatic as dark tones, and will open up the space.

However, don’t feel as though space will completely limit your colour options. Work with exotic woods and bright colours for accents, and include stainless steel or copper appliances if your budget permits.


Add in some bright lighting and give your kitchen a soft, spacious glow. Lighting is also a useful tool if you’re not ready to commit to a complete repaint.

Don’t be limited by a tight space! Embrace your layout, use lighting to your advantage and remember that less is more. To discuss more kitchen ideas with your trusted design team, contact Kitchens by Kathie today. With a clever interior design approach, you can work wonders for your small kitchen.

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